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The Last Shot An April day/  Inside on a frozen sheet/  An original six team / Versus a motley bunch in green

But this was the day we would all rue / As the last one to wear the chance, / Was number 20, Yvon Corriveau.

With Habs sliding / Flailing with their sticks / The puck was handled / And the right net corner/  Was picked.

But Butterfly brilliance / Loomed large in the cage / A Conn Smythe winner / In relatively recent days. / His mind probably turned / Reviewing how to play / The kidís in green one-on-one breakaway.

Corriveau shot, / We held our breaths, / But there wasnít a / Bulge in the twine / No ping from the post / Just a dull thud on the boards / Of the Forum, the building of the host.

The shot from our annointed hero, / However brief the honor was to be, / Went wide. / The great goalie / Never had to move

There would be no great memory / Of Number 20, / Yvon Corriveau.

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