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The 1972-1973 Team

  Larry Pleau here scores a couple of goals in Game 5 of the 1973 WHA Championship game against the Bobby Hull led Winnipeg Jets.  That 1973 Whalers Championship team was the only group of Whaler players to ever capture a championship crown.  Rick Ley, Al Smith, Larry Pleau, Jim Dorey, Brad Selwood, Ted Green and a host of others will go down as the greatest group of players in the history of the franchise.

  Question:  Who was Al Smith afraid of in the 1973/74 season?  Give up?

Al Smith's Nightmare

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You think the audio on this page is something?  Go to and check out the Brawl at the Mall if you haven't heard it.  It's unreal. PROGRAMSAUDIO of First Season in Hartford
Blueline Program From March 1977 (Whalers vs. Mariners>Fotiu keeps the peace
Program From December 1977 (Whalers Vs. Racers)Rick Ley Scores
First Year Harpoon Program with Tom Webster on CoverLarry Pleau Scores
A 1978 Blue Line Program from AVCO Cup Finals (Jets/Whalers)Tom Webster puts the biscuit in the basket
Blue Line Program from final playoff series with Oilers

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Al Smith celebrates the Whalers only championship in 1973.  The final score wasn't pretty but the Jets did have Bobby Hull.  Smith played from the Whalers' first season in the WHA until the finale of the first season in the NHL, with a few years off to play for the Sabres.

Also, on the right, is Tom "Hawkeye" Webster in this 1977 autographed card.

For a detailed rundown of the Whalers' Championship Playoff run of 1973 click here.   I'm leaving the first 50 games intact and hope to have the boxscores from the first season completed by the middle of the summer.

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